Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What to Eat???

Honore here: You've checked out the buffet and the menu. Lots there to eat but just what do you want? Way too many choices. Decisions. RSS feeds for blogs and news simplify the process of making that decison, on a daily basis, for you. So, I hope you have have an easier time than I do in making the initial selection. With so much information coming at you, it's nice to have it all gathered and queued up for you - when you're ready to access it!
Oops, here comes the server - guess I'd best make up my mind. To be continued...


PS. Oops - forgot to post my post! {discovered 7/3/07}

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flick, Flick, FLICKR ...

Honore here: Flickr! What fun! What a fabulous, ingenious, delightfully creative and inspiring stop on our "23 Things" learning journey. As I indicated in my weekly email, I am smitten. Photographer I am not; however, I'm eager to play around with these Flicker toys: a trading card, specifically a LATC - aka a library associate's trading card. This year,several LAs in the earlier LATI groups made LATCs by hand, me included. I'm planning on converting my analog LATC to a digital one. Stay tuned.

The other toy that caught my eye was the create a calendar mashup. Besides helping me stay on track, I think calendars are a really fun way to express one's creativity - and I'm challenged by the CD Jewel Case instructions. Wouldn't that make a fun gift, or better yet, a cool LATI Portfolio. Uhmm-any wheels turning?

Speaking of portfolios, I was also intrigued with Yahoo's Trip Planner Seems to me there are possibilities there, too, for a LATI portfolio...

I also browsed among the library groups and found to my surprise, my picture from the conference I attended in early May; second row, second from the left.
So, there it is: my first take on Flickr! Eager to see what gold you discover. Enjoy!

PS. Our blogroll is growing...

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Honore here: When I first encoutered blogs, there was only a handful, couple thousand. Today, easily several million, give or take...and the number grows everyday. There are blogs on absolutely every subject imaginable - as you will soon find out. One of the first blogs I ever read, in about 2002, was/is "rebecca's pocket" Take a look at it when you get time and look at her links in upper right of the page: /Portal/Books/

This week you set up your blog! What fun and a super learning adventure. Blogger's help file is pretty good and the behind-the-scenes Template makes customizing your blog really easy. So, go for it...and Enjoy! Can't wait to read your blogs!


Monday, June 4, 2007

Welcome to 23 Things

Honore here: I am so excited that LATI is participating in the statewide Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0 - 23 Things project. We begin our 23 Things learning journey Thursday, June 7 and continue through September 6, 2007.
In the past couple years, web 2.0 read/write/talk sites - YouTube, Flickr, My Space, blogs, to mention a few -have sprouted up - and there's no end in sight. The video "Web 2.0...The Machine is Us/ing Us" (below - keep scrolling down) helps to explain the webolution that is taking place. Click on the PLAY arrow and watch away!

Getting Started
Since you're already registered with LATI, there's no need to register for 23 Things. However, if you have also registered with your system, please let me know. I will need to coordinate your participation with your system's liaison. So, please send me an email; thanks.

When you complete this project, you will receive an incentive and a surprise. Watch the blog for an announcement.

Please contact me, your liaison, about the project. Remember, I am not the instructor; we are all learning. You are encouraged to visit each other's blogs for ideas, tips and help with the web 2.0 technologies.

Thing 4 Details
Next Week - Week 2 - you'll set up your own blog. To complete Thing #4, you'll need to send me your blog address. Your blog is one way we'll track your progress - plus, your blog will also be added to the LATI Participants' blog list. Remember that your blog can be anonymous (to the public).

LATI Blog List
As you send in your blog addresses, I'll post them on this blog. Check this blog for the list of your LATI colleagues' blogs. To check out the blogs of your system colleagues, click on the Particpants link [on the right] and then select your system.

One Last Thought
Years ago, when I first started using a computer with a gui - graphical user interface - I, like everyone else, had to learn to manipulate the mouse. Stop and think back to your first few times using a mouse: remember how you always ran out of room on the mouse pad and/or lost the cursor? Well, I had a friend who'd gone to DisneyLand and she brought me a souvenir - a Mickey Mouse Hat. One day I decided that I would put on that hat everytime I sat at the computer and attempted to make that mouse move where I wanted it to go. It worked! Soon after I adopted my new strategy, I got the hang of moving the mouse. Now, I can't say that wearing the hat had anything to do with my success - however, I can tell you that I had a lot of fun in the process. And that is what I challenge you to do: Have Fun with 23 Things !

So, are you ready? Great. Fasten your seatbelts, click on the About link and let's take this exciting side-trip.


Web 2.0 ...The Machine is Us/ing Us