Thursday, June 14, 2007


Honore here: When I first encoutered blogs, there was only a handful, couple thousand. Today, easily several million, give or take...and the number grows everyday. There are blogs on absolutely every subject imaginable - as you will soon find out. One of the first blogs I ever read, in about 2002, was/is "rebecca's pocket" Take a look at it when you get time and look at her links in upper right of the page: /Portal/Books/

This week you set up your blog! What fun and a super learning adventure. Blogger's help file is pretty good and the behind-the-scenes Template makes customizing your blog really easy. So, go for it...and Enjoy! Can't wait to read your blogs!


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Jo-Ann Kery said...

I sent my blog's address to Laura a couple of times, yet it does not appear with all the others. It's

Jo-Ann Kery
Calvert Library, Fairview Branch

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