Thursday, July 19, 2007

Week 7 - WIKIS

Honore here: Wikis are fun and growing everyday in their capabilities - from just posting to using them for all sorts of collaborative ventures. They aren't so fun when they get spammed - as I so aptly discovered yesterday. However, that is in the past and a flag to me to remember that the world is made up of two kinds of people, as my mother was so fond of saying: "those with good will and those without."

As I did the discovery tour for Thing 16, I really enjoyed seeing all the various ways wikis are being used. I especially liked Bull Run(VA) Library's wiki's offerings; two links I found of interest and think you might like to pursue:
1- What song was number one on the day you were born? Mine was 'White Christmas."
2 - "Best Free Reference Websites for 2006." Since we're beginning to look at information resources, you might find this source pertinent.
You can check out both of the above on Bull Run's Wiki.

Be sure to play in the sandbox - Thing 17 - perhaps your LCN might want to set up its own sandbox. A thought...

Have fun!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

23 Things - Week 6

Honore here: Lots of good "fun" this week. I like tho' the syllabication drives me batty. I was a great fan of Amazon's beta search tool - A.9 - and reminds me of it, tho' I don't know why. I really like the idea of flat hierarchies - read about it on Beeler's space. I wish there were a way to organize my files using tags - I invariably forget where I "filed" a document and FH (my shorthand for flat hierarchies) seems to be the ticket for rescuing my memory. I also like the fact that replaces bookmarks - I never refer to them. My buttons didn't install - be sure to read the Note at the bottom of Thing 13 before you try to install the buttons, if you sign up for I'm going to try again...

Technorati - Thing 14 - is a cool blog search tool - I could do without the ads, but they are a minor distraction. The tool gives you lots of information about blogs and ways to search aspects of them. Tags are an essential aspect of the tool and when all else fails, the tool resorted to doing a keyword search in blog posts for my "tag terms." I like that feature. This is an easy to use search tool.

Hope you watched the video in Thing 15 - it was posted on this blog at the begining of our journey. It's pretty clever. I read the two posts on NextSpace: Into a new world of librarianship - it has some great tips for thinking about your customers as you continue to work on your project; and To a temporary place in time. I love the idea of a knowledge spa. Both posts resurrected VIVO and Whole New World for me.

I'm hoping this next week to catch up on several by-gone weeks; been looking for an avatar with mouse ears...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Note to Everyone about A Blogger Glitch!

Notice - no Title for this Blog Post! That is because Blogger is having a minor glitch that may interfere with you typing into the Title Field... Not to panic, there is a work-around... and of course, it can be found on a Blogger blog

Basically, you have to "futz" with your mouse a little until you get that vertical bar insertion thingy... then you'll see that you can type. I'm sure they'll get this corrected. It's been funky since Friday.

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