Thursday, July 19, 2007

Week 7 - WIKIS

Honore here: Wikis are fun and growing everyday in their capabilities - from just posting to using them for all sorts of collaborative ventures. They aren't so fun when they get spammed - as I so aptly discovered yesterday. However, that is in the past and a flag to me to remember that the world is made up of two kinds of people, as my mother was so fond of saying: "those with good will and those without."

As I did the discovery tour for Thing 16, I really enjoyed seeing all the various ways wikis are being used. I especially liked Bull Run(VA) Library's wiki's offerings; two links I found of interest and think you might like to pursue:
1- What song was number one on the day you were born? Mine was 'White Christmas."
2 - "Best Free Reference Websites for 2006." Since we're beginning to look at information resources, you might find this source pertinent.
You can check out both of the above on Bull Run's Wiki.

Be sure to play in the sandbox - Thing 17 - perhaps your LCN might want to set up its own sandbox. A thought...

Have fun!

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